Kenji Hakoda
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Kenji Hakoda has more than twenty years of management experience in the global chemical trading industry, including 11 years in Korea and Taiwan with a focus on seeking new business development. Mr. Hakoda currently serves as the Pharmaceutical Division Director and Chief Operating Officer for Itochu Chemical Frontier Corporation (“ICF”) in Japan, a member of ITOCHU Corporation, a Fortune Global 500 Company and one of the three leading Sogo Shosha (general trading companies) in Japan. In 1983 Mr. Hakoda entered ITOCHU Corporation as an expert in chemical trading. In the past five years he has served the pharmaceutical industry, by utilizing a global network to procure API(Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) and FDF(Finished Dosage Form), and also contributing to the development of biosimilars. Mr. Hakoda holds a B.S. in Applied Chemistry from the Engineering Department at Yokohama National University in Japan.